lunedì 7 maggio 2007

Capitolo XXVII: Okey dokey

The time is come. Even if it seems to be impossible, too early, too crazy, I decided to write my future posts both in Italian and English. I suppose my ex collegues’ faces about my Italian-american-english, maybe my real english-on the field-teacher Veronica “workhard” Giove will be sad reading my poor progresses... but how they use to say here in US: who really the wave dude !!!

I decided to do this change (actually it is not a real change but just an inprovment for some days ago speaking with one of my guru here in Pittsburgh: the great Balazs Gyenis who was ansious to read the past posts. I hope either, and this is an invitation for Balazs, that my guru will send me enough material from his trip this summer around Russia and China by train to insert in the blog!!!

I apologize to who reading will ask “ Is this guy really in US or only in Moncalieri (Moncalieri is a little city close to my Turin...just 3 miles). ??? “ will be a big deal, it will be a big challenge, it would help me to feel more confortable to write “easy” english (I’m not sure....maybe some german, spanish, hungarian guys will learn my italian-english).

Please don’t complain me but just enjoy the blog !!!

Time in order to write this post : 20 minutes !!!

P.S. I will train with the last two posts ...just to see if I can....of course I can try!!!

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fra ha detto...

Ehi tesoro! Bravo! Mi sembra bello per i tuoi amici americani, in più ti farai un bel po' di esercizio. E' ufficiale: sei dislessico uguale in entrambe le lingue! Eh eh Mille baci fra